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Soft matter symposium attracts over 25 global experts

Soft matter research and its potential to transform the technology around us came under the microscope in a three-day conference at Duke Kunshan University.

More than 25 professors from universities across Asia, Europe and North America united on campus on Jan. 26-28 for the Duke Kunshan University Soft Matter Symposium 2024.

Soft matter materials are closely related to our everyday life, from the liquid crystal display of your laptop to the creams and lotions you apply to your skin.

It is an interdisciplinary field bringing together math modeling, numerical simulations and lab experiments to improve our understanding of the complex behavior of these materials for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

John Quelch

Among the speakers from disciplines including mathematics, physics, chemistry and materials science were Patrick Charbonneau, Duke University; Masao Doi, Kyoto University; and Litang Yan, Tsinghua University.

Welcoming researchers from universities such as Duke, Yale, Peking and Osaka, DKU Executive Vice Chancellor John Quelch told them, “DKU is very much committed to the undergraduate liberal arts tradition with a strong emphasis on knowledge development and research.”

Kai Haung

Kai Haung, associate professor of physics and chair of the Division of Natural and Applied Sciences (DNAS) at DKU, said that DNAS welcomed collaboration in the form of joint scientific research, visiting scholars, events such as seminars and conferences, and opportunities for serving the community, working with industry and other areas.

The symposium was organized by DNAS and the Zu Chongzhi Center for Mathematics and Computational Sciences.

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