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Visit our FAQs for information on Covid-19, DKU’s emergency response, what this means for our undergraduate and Study Away programs, online courses for students, and international undergraduate admissions. We will update and add to this section as the situation develops. For specific inquiries or to join our parents mailing list, contact information@dukekunshan.edu.cn.


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There are currently no upcoming events scheduled.

DKU webinar on March 20, 2020
DKU held a Zoom webinar on March 20 to update students and parents on several matters, including the continuation of online instruction for Session 4. If you have questions, please email UGspring2020@dukekunshan.edu.cn.

Student webinar on March 5, 2020
The Office of Student Affairs held a Zoom webinar for undergraduate and graduate students on March 5 to provide updates and answer questions related to housing, student activities, health services, PE/club sports, international student services, Chinese student services, and counseling services. Watch a recording of the discussion.

Duke-DKU webinar on Feb. 17, 2020
Duke and DKU held a webinar for parents via Zoom on Feb. 17. Watch a recording of the discussion and read the accompanying presentation in English or Chinese. Participants included Jennifer Francis, executive vice provost, Duke University; Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs and government relations, chief communications officer, Duke University; Jessica Sandberg, dean of international enrollment management, DKU; and Marcia France, dean of undergraduate studies, DKU; and other senior administrators.

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