Travel outside of Kunshan for research students, SRS, SELF

Students received the following message on email on Aug. 2, 2021.

Dear research, SRS and SELF students,

Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases across China, including in Jiangsu province, we will be implementing some additional restrictions.

We ask that you remain in Kunshan, and we strongly encourage you to refrain from traveling if it’s not necessary. If you have to travel outside of Kunshan (including Suzhou and Shanghai) from today, Monday, Aug. 2, you must submit your Domestic Travel Request at least one business day prior to your intended departure date.

Students who choose to travel must fill out all fields in the form accurately. Providing misleading travel information or concealing the travel record to the local authorities could result in both the individual and the university facing legal consequences.

Please be aware that your travel or return request has to be approved manually and you are NOT guaranteed to get approval immediately after your submission.

For many of you who are working on campus or in Kunshan, this change will not impact your current research or work experience. Please watch out for changing regulations and consult with your supervisor or research mentor if you have any questions. 

For those of you who are commuting to Shanghai or Suzhou, please fill out this Qualtrics form as soon as possible.

We will get back to you on an individual basis to discuss options.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Office of Undergraduate Studies

Office of Student Affairs

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