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As Covid-19 continues to pose a global challenge, we encourage all members of the DKU community to take every precaution to prevent any spread of the virus, especially during the winter months. To maintain a safe environment for our community, DKU will continue to enforce strict campus access controls. Please cooperate with security personnel at each entrance during health and ID checks upon entry to campus. They will check your DKU access code, Su Health Code, recent travel history, and body temperature. (Note: We may adjust this process based on changes to the Covid-19 situation in China.)

Below are resources to assist students, faculty and staff in safely accessing our campus.

DKU Health Access Code

To access the campus, all students, faculty, staff and visitors must complete an online health report to receive a DKU Health Access Code. Security personnel will inspect this code, which is valid for 24 hours, upon entry to our campus. Follow this link to learn how to get personal DKU Health Access Code: LINK


Telecom Travel History Card

See instructions on how to obtain the telecom travel history card: LINK

Testing Centers

For those who need to take a nucleic test, follow this link to see a list of Covid-19 testing centers in Kunshan and Suzhou: LINK

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DKU Health Access System

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Domestic Travel Request

Domestic Travel Return

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