Closed-loop campus arrangements for DKU

Last updated: April 28, 2022

Based on an assessment of the current Covid-19 situation in Kunshan and on the request of the city authorities, Duke Kunshan University implemented on April 4, 2022, the following closed-loop arrangements for the campus:


No one is allowed to enter the campus except for essential staff, who once on site are required to reside there or at neighboring accommodation – Talent Apartments (TA) and Canadian International School of Kunshan (CISK).

DKU access codes have been deactivated for all staff, faculty and students who live off campus.

Students who live on campus will not be allowed to leave without permission. Residents of TA / CISK are required to stay there unless they are visiting campus via the school shuttle bus.

Students who live outside DKU facilities will be unable to enter campus and their DKU access code will be deactivated.


All students residing on campus or at TA / CISK are required to suspend group activities.

However, university sports facilities reopened on April 28, 2022, with enhanced anti-infection measures such as 50 percent capacity limits.

Facilities and Dining

The KSTEP office, Dayu Bay student center and TA common space are shut.

Executive dining and CC Halal dining are suspended. Students and essential personnel living on campus (including TA / CISK) are required to eat on site and should refrain from ordering take-out food from off campus.


The campus north gate is closed, leaving the west gate as the only entrance for the entire campus.

Shuttle Services

Shuttle services between TA (via CISK) and campus continue to operate normally but employee shuttle services are discontinued.

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