Checklist for returning for fall 2021

The Office of Student Affairs released the following message on WeChat on Sept. 15, 2021.

Returning to Campus

With the date for official check-in approaching, we would like to provide a checklist for students’ attention in preparation for their return. However, please refer to emails sent from Student Affairs for detailed information.

Students are required to follow these requirements before taking up occupancy on campus:

  • Submit a health report for 14 consecutive days before arrival
  • Provide an negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before arrival
  • Provide a screenshot of his or her travel history
  • Submit the report and screenshot in the Campus Return Request form preferably one day before arrival and wait for approval
  • Watch out for an approval notice via email before retrieving the DKU Access Code
  • Present their Su Health Code, travel history and DKU Access Code to campus security at the gate.

To ensure enough time for our staff to review your request, please do not wait until the last minute to submit the request.

Students in the following areas should await further instructions before traveling to campus:

  • Shanghai’s Pudong and Songjiang districts, and Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province. We will observe the situation for 21 days once the risk level in these areas is lowered before making an announcement on when students should return.
  • Quanzhou city, Putian city and Xiamen city, Fujian province. We will announce plans for students to return from these areas depending on updates on the pandemic control situation.

Arrival Day

For first-year students, the official arrival date is Sept. 19, 10am-4pm
For upperclass students, the official arrival date is Sept. 20, 10am-4pm

Students are required to arrive on the designated date. If you would like to return on a later date, you will need apply to the Office of Student Affairs for approval. Those who fail to show without providing an explanation will need to wait for further notice on gaining access to campus.

If you think you will arrive later than 5pm on your designated arrival date due to long-distance travel, delays or unforeseen circumstances, please leave the estimated time in the return request and we will notify Residence Life. Also, please call Residence Life (0512-3665-7020) and follow the voicemail instructions to contact your Residence Hall’s on-duty resident assistant (RA) on the day of your arrival (please do not call early as duty rotates). The duty RA will help coordinate your after-hours check-in.

Check-in Points
Conference Center (CC) residents should check in at CC and enter campus through the west gate on Wuhan University Road.

Student Residence Hall (SRH) residents should check in at SRH and enter campus through the north gate on Chuanshi Road.

Canadian International School of Kunshan (CISK) residents should check in at CISK. Please be aware that the traffic lane at the entrance is one-way, running east to west.

Talent Apartments (TA) residents should check in at Building A5.

Due to pandemic control measures, the south gate of the campus remains closed.

Pandemic Control Measures

Arrival Day Guests

To facilitate move-in, students can bring up to two guests on campus as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Guests cannot have traveled to or stayed in risk areas in the past 14 days.
  • Student shall submit a request for their campus visitor(s), providing the guest’s personal information, a negative nucleic acid test report issued within 48 hours before arrival, a screenshot of their travel history, and await manual approval.
  • Once a request is approved, guests must show their Su Health Code, travel history and DKU Access Code to campus security at the gate.

Guest access is valid only for the student’s arrival day.

Post-Arrival Plan
All students will take online classes in the first two weeks after arrival. Please continue to submit a daily health report and avoid any unnecessary travel. If you have concerns about your health, please to contact the campus health services.

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